Tuesday, July 14, 2009

It's the Perfect Color!

When we moved into our new house (yay!!!) there were a few seagull yard ornaments in the front yard. I'm not big on yard ornaments (probably because I've never owned a yard) and most likely wouldn't choose seagulls to decorate it. (I think "Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine." from Finding Nemo) So I was just going to throw them out, but in the meantime I just moved them to the side yard.

Abby & Bean were spending all their time in the side yard and I could not for the life of me figure out why, when we finally have a big yard and a sand box, would they choose to spend all of their time in the rocks and sidewalk on the 5' x 6'-ish space on the side of the house. Then one day, I noticed that the seagull had a large rock between its wings. Then I heard Abby talking to the bird on another day. And it dawns on me. "Oh! She digs the seagull!" So the seagulls have been spared. But I had to put my own little spin on them if they were to live in our yard, so I spray painted them in high gloss paint. The two small ones are black & white. Abby chose the color for the large seagull.

Purple seems to be the color she favors most these days.
The birds live in the back yard near the play house.


honey said...

:) She's so darn cute~!

Sally's World said...

perfect, you need a whole bunch of them in bright colours....

Trojan Gayle said...

Glad to have you back and it appears that you have been one busy bee! I hope your move to your new home hasnt been too stressful.

Looking forward to your future postings and your pictures on both blogs!

Keep telling your story!


B said...

So cute! Good thing that you didn't throw them away before realizing how much she likes them!

Gloria said...

Wish you had been MY mother!!!! Adorable . . . !!