Monday, August 17, 2009


We have reached 25 followers! Yay! A little Milestone for us at The Gentle Giant. Thank you and welcome to Gloria who rounds us out nicely. I'm so thankful to all of you who read about our adventures. This is so therapeutic for me.

Let's see... what can I share today. Abby has been reading an old book of mine from when I was a kid over and over and over again. It's a book about Donald Duck taking his nephews (Huey, Dewey & Louie) camping. So her dad mentioned that maybe we would go camping in our backyard this week. I am going camping in Washington State at the end of the month and we should probably get out our much neglected gear anyway to check things out. Well now Ab is obsessed. She can't stop talking about the "purple tent". It goes something like this...

"Abby, would you like a drink?"
"I want my Daddy... blah, blah, blah... purple tent."

The blah, blah, blah is the rambling parts that I still have a hard time deciphering. Abby's language skills have really blossomed this Summer. She is still using echolalia a lot, but more and more it is accompanied by her own original thoughts and words. If we can decipher what she is saying.

One of the great ironies in being Abby is that her volume levels are completely askew. When she is frustrated or angry, she can emit a scream that will make your blood curdle and your ear drums crawl farther into your head, begging for relief. And yet when she is blessing you with the oh-so-sweet-and-elusive conversation, she speaks so softly and quietly, that you often have to be right next to her to hear it. If only I could wiggle my nose ala Samantha on Bewitched and swap these two volume levels. While I'm sure I would eventually find myself annoyed by having to listen to her talk at blood curdling level, I would LOVE to have her screams of frustration and anger at a barely audible, newborn kitten level. If only for a week. It would be lovely.

Another topic she is talking about lately is school. She is soooo excited to go back. I'm excited for her, too. She absolutely thrived the last 6 months of the school year. I'm so excited to see the changes that will surely take place this next year.

Wearing her brother's sunglasses while taking a walk on the boardwalk. She is wearing a pair of "binoculars" around her neck that I made for her using empty toilet paper rolls, a couple of index cards, curling ribbon and tape. She uses them to go bird watching. LOL! The striped belt is one of hers that she carried around for a few days. She would twirl it and dance like a gymnast during a floor excercise with ribbons.


Dani G said...

Wow, she is such a cutie pie!! I am always so thrilled and so hopeful each time I see a little hint of progress. Relish in it, sister!! You deserve it!!

by the way:

Gloria said...

She certainly is very adorable and although I'm new to your postings, I feel as if I'm getting to know her very well. It's a very real pleasure to follow her progress. And yay . . . number 25 . . well done!!!