Monday, December 14, 2009

Fall 2009 Progress Report

We recently received Abby's Progress Report for the Fall school season. They have 8 different categories and are graded for each age range (2-5) and are given grades as follows:

I - IEP (Individual Education Plan) Goal Area
P - Progressing
M- Mastered This Skill

Abby has Mastered everything in the 2 year old category, but is still being graded on a few things in the 3 year and 4 year category. Here are her "grades".

3 Years
  • Stays with an activity for 5+ minutes = M (mastered)
  • Begins to accept some correction/frustration = M (she still has a hard time with this at home)
  • Actively seeks parallel play = M
  • Begins to share and take turns = M
4 years
  • Stays with an activity 10+ min. = M
  • Follows class rules/routines = M
  • Completes tasks in small groups (with 2-3 peers) = M
  • Plays and interacts appropriately with 1-2 other children = P+ (though she ignores her brother a lot of the time... that's probably pretty typical)
Fine Motor
3 years
  • Copies shapes (horizontal & vertical lines, circle) = M
  • Builds a tower of 8+ blocks = M
  • Strings 4 or more 1/2 inch beads = P+
  • Undresses, attempts to dress = M
4 years
  • Demonstrates hand dominance = M
  • Cuts a straight line 4-5" = M (this is one of her favorite past-times)
  • Copies shapes (circle & cross) = M-
  • Draws a face with 3 clear features = M (her drawings are so cute)
  • Puts on coast, shoes/boots = M (we'll have to start doing this at home more, she fights us at every turn and suggests, "How about mom does it?")
  • Demonstrates mature pencil grasp = P+
3 years
  • Matches colors and shapes = M
  • Understands size (big/little) = M
  • Counts 3+ objects = M
  • Shows beginning knowledge of categories (food, toys, clothes, etc.) = M
4 years
  • Names 9 colors (r,y,o,g,b,p,bl,br,w) = M
  • Names 7 shapes = M- (I was surprised to see a minus on this one, because she can tell you all the basics at home, plus octagon, pentagon, & crescent)
  • Recognizes name in print = M
  • Counts at least 5 objects = M
  • Sequences 3 pictures = M
3 years
  • Follows 2-Step, related directions = I (this is a big one to master for kindergarten success)
  • Uses 3-5 words in sentences = M
  • Names at least 25 common objects = M
  • Answers simple "what" questions = M
4 years
  • Answers questions about familiar stories = P+
  • Tells use of common objects = M-
  • Identifies actions in a picture = P+
  • Understands spatial concepts (in, on, under, etc.) = I (we're working on this at home, too)
Gross Motor
(I'm going to skip this section, because thankfully she has mastered everything in both the 3 & 4 year areas)

School Readiness (all ages)
  • Attends in a whole-group activity = P+
  • Transitions from one activity to another smoothly = M
  • Can do age-appropriate work/play independently = M-
  • Entering/Exiting routines (ie. backpack, folder, coat, etc) = M
  • Waits turn in a group activity = M
  • Participates in all required activities = M
Sensory Registration
  • Tolerates substances on hands/face (glue, cream, etc) = M- (she doesn't really like anything on her hands)
  • Tolerates movement activity when feet are off the floor = M (this is an area we've really seen growth. She used to be so scared to be lifted off of the floor.)
  • Tolerates being near others = M
  • Moves through room safely = M
  • Tolerates noise and light = P+ (she gets very nervous with loud sounds, despite the fact that she is often making more noise than anything else in a room)
  • Eats variety of snacks, food & drink = M (I'd give her an M- at home)
Oral Motor
(has mastered all of these... appropriate tongue movement, lip movement, air control, etc.)

Her teachers comments: (anything in parentheses are my comments)
Abby has been doing so well this year so far! It is great to hear so much more language from her this year, and it is good to see her seeking more play with peers as well. (She asks things like, "Wanna play a game?" even if she doesn't follow through with the back and forth play so well) she has increased her counting skills as well as her knowledge of letter sounds- she is able to name all of the letters already and the sounds are coming along quickly! (she has been identifying her letters at home for a long time now) She continues to be a joy to have in class!

She continues to be a joy to have at home, too!


Dani G said...

Dude, this is pretty unbelievable!! Your girl is incredible!

Sit back, exhale. You guys are gonna make it :)


Delores said...

Yes!! :o)
Grandma D is thankful.

My name is Erin. said...

Dani- You and Brodie will, too. We can't wait to meet you girls. Early in the New Year I hope. XO

Mom- Thanks. We are, too.

histreasure said...

she's's so lovely that she's making such milestones..

Penny said...

:) I love to read about progress!

Kerri said...

This is awesome! She's going to do great in school. It's amazing how much just being with the other kids has helped her out, it's a lot like Emily. Keep up the great work Abby!