Wednesday, December 16, 2009

We Have Some Great Friends!

I've been meaning to get this posted for a while now. I was really hoping to get photos of Abby wearing her new scarf from my friend, Jen, but my rechargeable batteries are refusing to recharge and apparently I can't seem to remember to buy new batteries in the hundred times I've been at the store since I initially set out to do this. *shaking head in amazement* Some days I wonder how we make it through the day.

Anyway... my friend, Jenifer Rank, is one of the most thoughtful and giving people I've ever met. She really is amazing. Her latest venture is her Etsy shop, Kusala Knitworks, where she donates a portion of her sales to different charitable organizations depending on the item you buy. She has knit up a beautiful little scarf that she has named the "Abby" and with each purchase of the Abby scarf, she'll make a donation to Autism Speaks. This is incredibly sweet and such an honor to be a part of Jen's world. I bawled my eyes out when she first told me about it. I was so overwhelmed with gratitude. I know I should have posted this a month ago, but please, please, please go visit Jen's shop and cross that last minute gift off of your list. It not only helps out a good cause, but it supports one of the most generous people I know! Love you, Jen! XOXO

Then be sure to come on back, because I have another site I hope you'll go check out.

When I read through other blogs and websites about some of the treatments that some kids on the Spectrum have had success with, I wonder, "Are we doing enough?" So far Abby has done great just with the play/classroom therapies she gets at school and I'm so thankful, but is anything ever enough? I'll be interested in seeing the successes that Brodie and her mom, Dani, will hopefully experience with some of the things they are trying. Please take a moment to go read about the battle that this "Warrior Mom" is waging in the Trenches of Autism with her sweet girl over at I'm just that way and that's just me. I hope you'll check back with Dani & Brodie from time to time, because Dani is so smart, so funny and truly a Warrior Mom. She is an inspiration to me in so many ways. And she has great taste in music. : )

Thanks for supporting us in your thoughts, your prayers and I really hope that some of you will consider opening up your wallets to buy the Abby scarf for someone on your holiday list.


Kerri said...

I went to look for The Abby Scarf like you suggested today. You will be happy to hear that it's SOLD OUT! Now, I will have to wait to buy this great item! Your friend is an amazing woman...please thank her from me as well.

The Lil Bee said...

This is such a wonderful idea!

Jenifer said...

Soooo, anyone that wants one... go ahead and email me at or send me a custom item request. :) I was shocked when I got multiple orders this morning! Thanks Erin... I am happy to help... Love you!