Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Holiday Card Project

In case you haven't noticed, I've added a section in the sidebar titled "My Holiday Card Project" where I am keeping you updated (and me organized) about how many cards I have done for the project.

(This card is so cute in person. Each tree is separate, so there is some real depth to the card.
2 different cards used to create this one.)

It's still so early in the year, that who knows what will change in the months to come. But my tentative plan is to keep making them for as long as my supplies last me (email me at to donate your used holiday cards) and then sell them online, probably at Etsy, and maybe also do some of the local church bazaars or a local card shop.

(2 holiday cards & misprinted wedding invitations, from a print shop,
were used to create this card)

I'm pretty proud of myself for having 71 done and it's only mid-February. If my supplies last and I keep this pace up, I should be able to make a fairly decent donation. I'm excited!

(3 holiday cards used to create this card)


Kerri said...

The cards will be on their way soon. I just have to get to the post office! These ones you showed are beautiful!

Sarah said...

These are gorgeous.
Wish I'd knewn to send you my old cards! Might see if I have any left overs! :)

My name is Erin. said...

Thank you!!! : )