Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Etsy Goodness!

I've mentioned her before, but my good friend, Jenifer Rank, has a lovely Etsy shop where not only does she sell the items she lovingly knits, but also donates a portion of her profits to various charities. For this very reason, she has been invited to participate as a vendor in Portland State University's (Oregon) Earth Day celebration. They select local artisans who's philosophies and business practices mirror the "Earth Day Spirit." It really is an honor. Congrats, Jen!

One problem.

She needs to sell some of her inventory on Etsy in order to raise money for the entry fee. So let's help a sister out and order something fun for yourself, your kids, your mom, maybe your neighbor. Go for it!

(love these coffee sleeves... especially the one with hiking boots... CUTE!)

Be sure to take a peek at her Abby Collection. It's inspired by my little Abby J and she will donate a portion of those proceeds to Autism Speaks.

That Jen is a keeper, I tell you. Love that woman!


Dani G said...

Wow. This stuff is great!! Ummm, I see you all eyeing that Audrey Tote in the brown and turquoise. Well, you can't have it! It's mine now!!!

My name is Erin. said...

AWESOME! You're right, I'm totally jealous. Maybe I should ask her to make one just.like.it so we can be twinsies. ; )

Tiny Tutus said...

Hey Erin I have an Etsy page also. I make tutus and headbands. I will be making other things laer too. I love making the tutus. I started a blog also. Chech it out.