Saturday, January 30, 2010

Art is the Creakiest Stair

I think I stopped paying attention to those "milestone" things when Abby was about a year old. You know the lists in books, magazines, websites, etc. I do get one that is sent monthly to my email inbox. It's kind of a good one. Not too specific and with good ideas for discipline, food, and whatnot. I always read the 2-year-old ones that come in regarding Bean, but generally just delete the ones related to "Your 4-Year-Old". It's just been too heartbreaking to read about what other typical 4 year olds might be doing, because Abby's not.

(2 years old, she wouldn't stop to let me comb her hair or even to feed her.
She was on a coloring mission that day!)

Well for the first time... it fit. Here's what it said.

Artist at Work

People, houses, and rainbows are favorite subjects for preschooler artists. Now, not only is it easier to recognize what's in your child's pictures, she actually planned to draw that specific thing. Younger children start with random scribbling and progress to make-it-up-as-they-go pictures. These days, though, when your child grabs a crayon, she often has a plan. Provide lots of opportunities to exercise this blend of creativity, dexterity, and intellect.

(Every artist needs a nose ring, right? She was 3 in this photo, trying on my nose ring... don't worry, her nose is not actually pierced.)

Abby does usually have a plan. She draws suns, people and towers. (she loves cellphone reception towers, smoke stacks, etc, and always points them out as we drive. We have a steam tower in our hometown and "he" and Abby are special friends. She worries about Tower-Do, as she calls "him", during rain, thunderstorms and fireworks in July.) It's been really fun watching her artistic side come out. She comes from a long line of artists and if you ask her what she wants to be when she grows up she answers, "An ARTIST!!" before you can even finish asking the question. Her Great-Grandma Nina would be as proud of her as I am.

This is our dear friend, Kari, with Abby a couple of years ago when we were still living in Vermont.
She is not only one of our closest friends,
but she is one of our favorite artists.
Check her out at and remember... buy art!


Dani G said...

This post warms my heart. Love it. Abby J's drawing is proudly being displayed on my fridge right now. It makes me smile each time I pass by. Even at four her work is touching the lives of others. Is that milestone on that list?? Didn't think so!! xxx

Jenifer said...

Forget what others might think... she's totally your kid - and a budding artist. Go for the nose ring AND a new tattoo. ;) Oh, and art is food for the soul... mac 'n' cheese is just food for the body!

My name is Erin. said...

Thanks, Ladies! XOXO

Dani- I still love how quickly and matter-of-factly she answered my question asking who the people in her drawing were. "That's Brodie. That's Brodie's mommy."

Jen- I love art AND mac 'n' cheese.

Kerri said...

I have a hard time with those milestone things as well. Emily hits some of them, but of course, not all of them. I stopped reading them around the age she was diagnosed with her speech delay (about 4).
Yet again what you've written about Abby reminds me of Emmy. At the age of 4 her drawings got more specific (she would tell us who the "people" in her pictures were). Now she's painting scenes at school. It's great!
Oh- BTW, Emily likes to point out towers in our town too. Now she's got her brother doing it as well.