Saturday, January 9, 2010

LIttle Miss Sassy Pants

Abby has been so sassy lately. Whenever we tell/ask her to do anything she says,

"No! I have to say no!"

My first reaction to this is obviously annoyance, but I find myself thinking, "I'm just glad she speaks and understands language enough to back talk. After all, typical kids DO this." This is what a kid is supposed to do. This is how we learn to stand up for what we need. What we want. It's how we learn to negotiate. And how we learn what NOT to say to our parents.

But something else about it struck me. The part where she say's, "I have to say no!" Like it's an impulse she can't resist. She HAS to say no. Maybe she feels she really does have to protest. Before Abby had her words, she screamed. About everything. Doctors, friends and relatives would ask,

"What does she scream for or about? What are the situations that makes her scream?"

And we would answer,


Because even when it was something Abby enjoyed or wanted to do, she screamed. Like she was instinctually protesting. What if Abby really DOES feel as if she HAS to say no? What if there is something inside of her brain that just makes her initial reaction to everything "No!" even when the answer is yes. It will be interesting to watch this phase of Abby's language development over the coming months. But in the mean time, even if she has to say no! she will have to learn the consequences of her Sassy-Pants attitude. Like everything in our life, this should be interesting.


Dani G said...

this post reminds me of when Brodie was about 18 months old and I was making deals with the forces of the universe "please just make her walk, I'll do anything!" Of course, she finally was able to walk on her own and now when I have to exert effort to chase after her, I can't help but giggle. Careful what you wish for, right?!

Another learning experience for you both. At least she's not saying "I have to say no. It says so in my story. See?!" a la Super Why!!
Funny, we are so so so blessed to have verbal kids, but here we are over-analyzing what/why/how they're speaking!! Can't wait til my girl becomes more conversational. Right now she can answer short questions with short answers- nothing analytical. She does try to initiate more and more. It's coming!!

My name is Erin. said...

Yeah, I'm not sure I'd say Abby is conversational. She answers questions and sometimes with lengthy answers, but there isn't any back and forth banter.

I am glad that it isn't written in her story.

Jenifer said...

She's talking, babe. :) What I would give to have Xavier be able to say that without throwing himself on the floor and his face turning red, or huge ginormous crocodile tears streaming from his eyes because he's frustrated!

Of course... then there is, indeed, the whole be careful what you wish for thing. ;)

My name is Erin. said...

Jen- I do try to remind myself of that with everything she says. We are so thankful for her language. It's really and truly amazing.

One of the best parts of having a special needs child (if there is a "best" part) is taking the time to be truly amazed at every milestone they reach. I think a lot of parents might just let those moments pass without really taking the time to be awe struck. It's making me that much more excited about the things Keenan accomplishes.