Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mere Mortal Mother or Supreme Parenting Genius?

My friend, Crystal, posted this as her Facebook status today. I thought it was a genius parenting move and have decided that it simply must be shared with all of you. Enjoy!

"Casey (her 9 year old son) woke this morning complaining that he was REALLY tired and wanted to stay home from school. So I told him, 'Fine, but you have to go back to bed and when you get up we're going to clean your room and then you have to help me clean the rest of the house the entire day.' Needless to say, he decided to go to school."

This has been officially added to my arsenal of parenting tools.

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jaydub said...

My mom did something similar when I was little. Although, her method seems a bit "darker"... :) Maybe that's where I get my sense of humor? I said the same thing to her one morning and her response was, "Oh, I'm sorry baby! I guess you don't have to go to school today then. What if we go to the park instead?" I of course excitedly said yes. Then she said "Well, if you feel well enough to go to the park then you can go to school!" And that was the end of that!