Sunday, January 17, 2010

My Last Belated Christmas Idea... I promise.

Ok. I know, I know. It's mid-January. Enough with the Santa Clause stuff already. But this is too good not to share. I'm mostly posting it so that I remember to do it next year. Since I'm new to this Santa Clause stuff, I need all the help I can get.

You can go to this site, Portable North Pole, fill out a few details about your kid and then *poof* you have a personalized Santa video for your child. So cool!

Here's a little mock-up I did for Bean using info that fits him this past Christmas. I'll make new ones next year, but this is really so cool! I just had to share it! Check it out here.

Ok. This will be my last Santa posting until next Christmas. I promise. Maybe.

I found the link to this site on a new-to-me blog, Design Dazzle. (Thanks, Jen!) You should check it out by either clicking their name here or going to the link in my sidebar. Hope you're enjoying a relaxing Sunday and have a good week!

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